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  ~ The FST Quick Bio Sheet ~

Who am they and how did they get here?

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quotes from the BIG BOOK OF PLAYS book: 

Philip Austin: 

    Birthday: 4/6/41

"I always wanted to be a part of something. Annalee and I used to secretly, separately, dream of rock and roll  bands. I hadn't even *thought* yet that rock and roll could save me. "So I was in Hollywood in 1966, starving  on all levels. I got a job in a radio station because I could always do that with my voice -- could make you  believe that I was committed to the words coming out of my mouth. I mistakenly believed, therefore that I was  an Actor. I'm not. I'm a musician. Interesting that it was the *sounds* of the words that got to me the most. The  Firesign Theatre was the vehicle that allowed me to make that discovery. 

Philip Proctor: 

    Birthday: 7/28/40

" I was born in a trunk in the Princess Theatre, Pocatello, Idaho. No, I was born in Goshen, Indiana. I really  have spent some time analyzing  it. I grew up in an essentially schizophrenic existence. I was schooled  on the  East Coast, because I moved there when I was five. I went to  Riverdale Country School and Yale University,  but during my formative  years of growth -- the pubic years -- I grew up in Goshen, Indiana,  with my grand  parents and my neighborhood friends. Radio and comic  books had a lot to do with my youth. The comic  books supplied the  visual element. I finally became a professional actor after college.  Acting led me to The  Firesign Theatre because I found New York theatre  to be dumb and limited. Silly. I wanted to create my own  theatre. 


David Ossman: 

    Birthday: 12/6/36

"I'm a writer, a poet, which is to say I always did that. My life was  totally in my head, and I wrote about it. I  developed a historical sense of things and then I went into radio. Because that's what I  always wanted to do.It  was one of those childhood fantasies like  growing up to be a fireman. I wanted to be a radio announcer, and in  1959 I became a radio announcer. I did that for quite a while. I worked  in New York at WBAI for two years  and then went back to the West Coast  and worked for KPFK for four years. They laid everybody off,  including  me, so I got a job in television, which I hated, so I dropped out of  that. The Firesign Theatre  appeared at the same time.


Peter Bergman: 

    Birthday: 11/29/39

quote from the Big Book of Plays: 

"I owe everything I do to my normal childhood. I had a very  unrepressed childhood and I lived in the  Midwest, and there were very  few things to amuse myself, except softball, so I would do routines to  myself,  like "Why Isn't Everybody Happy?" was one of my routines, so  they kept me indoors a lot. A kid named Bruce  Berger and I opened up a  parking lot one night in an empty lot across from an Emporium show. We  made $50  wearing Cleveland Indians baseball caps, yelling, "*Park and  Lock it! Not Responsible!*" 

The Following quote comes from Thanks Richard! 

"Peter Bergman's career in entertainment and education began at Yale University where he graduated and taught economics as a Carnegie Fellow and directed theater as a Eugene O¹Neill Playwriting Fellow at the Yale School of Drama. 

After two years in Europe writing and producing film as a Ford Foundation Fellow, he returned to the United States and produced a nightly radio magazine in Los Angeles which he hosted. In the first year of the show, Peter won the national Armstrong Award for the year's best radio documentary. It was also on that show that had formed the FireSign Theatre, a four man comedy theater group that over the past twenty five years has produced twenty albums, twice nominated for an Emmy, three films, two books and a series of national tours. Peter continued to develop his interest in education and science by helping in the development in a series of patents in motion picture projection and putting them to use in the field of heart medicine. He co-developed for Honeywell and Birtcher Medicine a system for analyzing the motion picture images of the coronary arteries to determine a patient's need for bypass surgery. 

Peter's early interest in computers brought him to the Warner Brothers-Sony-Philips consortium to design games for the then fledgling Compact Disc Interactive. Peter has recently designed an interactive parody of a well known CD R0M game and is launching Radio Free Oz, an interactive radio station on the Internet. 

Peter is a founding member of the Washington based Liberty Tree Alliance, a foundation dedicated to public education in the field of environmental science. He is presently advising them on Internet broadcasting strategies"


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