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David Ossman HeadshotFrom David Ossman:

Pretty much all of my time has been focused on the album. It's pretty close to being 3/4 written. The first half, which I think is a half hour in running time, that's done. We've got another 3 days. I'm going down to LA the 21 and I'll be back on Sunday. Peter's got a couple of jobs on the road so we have to take another 10 days, 2 weeks off. Then we'll be back at work, maybe in the studio, later on in the first week of February.

We're meeting with Harold Bronson of Rhino this coming Friday (1/23). At that point we'll talk about merchandising, cover, title, tour, you know, all the rest of that stuff. So it's going very well.

You'll be glad to know that Hal and Ray (from Everything You Know Is Wrong) are back. I always like Hal and Ray to be back, they need the work, after all. The album will be, the structure of it, it's Radio Now. It's the last day of the 20th century on Radio Now with all the Radio Now regulars. So the stories are told through the radio and that's really the world of the album.

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