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Phil Proctor sent us this note & photograph:

The theremin was built from a kit by Bob Wayne, our engineer and owner of Sunburst Studio.

We used it to sweeten a corny dramatic music drop that we'd laid in under the "Unconscious Village" radio spot that opens our newest Firesign Theatre CD presently titled "RadioNow."

It's the story of America's last day before the end of the millenium, compacted to a little over an hour as told on a hot, pop station with constantly changing formats. We're producing it and a Nick Danger release for an April Fools delivery date and a September Rhino records release which we anticipate will be suppoted by a tour.

I had never played this instrument before, but found that my early years as a classical violinist gave me a peculiar affinity, especially as regards the use of vibrato.

I hope we'll be able to utilize the theremin again in future segments of the project.

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