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Phil Proctor
"Millenium News" From Phil Proctor:

I missed today's session, as I was offered two ADR jobs for "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" (The Series) and "Nothing Sacred", where I got to work on an excellent episode about an inter-denominational marriage where I play "Rabbi Kloner" on the other end of a cellphone conversation, among other voices.

The awesomwe threesome took advantage of my ab$ence to lay music undr various pieces, which we bought the rights to from APM - "Associated Production Music", in Hollywood,at a bargain rate (and an album credit) thanks to Meester Bregmann...

Princess Goddess is our homage to Diana. She's a "living doll" who stars in the story of her life/death called "Pull My String." The rest is silence...

But don't worry -- you'll always be the FIRST to know.

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