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Phil Proctor
"Millenium (& other) News" From Phil Proctor:

Here's the plan for the upcoming foto shoot:

Thursday 6/25: 9am call at Andy Strauss Studio, 6442 Santa Monica Blvd. We will be taking the "portrait" shot for a fake "Homeless Stadium" concert poster and character singles.

There we want to get all of the RadioNow staff pictures in singles and combinations for various pictoral uses.

Friday 6/26: At The Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills. We will be using their in-house broadcast studio rigged to look like RadioNow. The characters in the foto will probably be Chump Threads at the board and Bebop at the table, flanked by Ray and Hal.

That's the dish for the very now.

We just returned from San Diego where we saw a terrific production of "Neville's Island" at the Globe, which I turned down a reading for. Just as well, it was impeccably cast without me!

This note from Antaeus regarding the upcoming "Patience" backer's presentation at the Ventura Court Theatre in Studio City on Monday, July 6th was awaiting me and I pass it along:

Flyers will be ready on Monday for both Producer/Invitees and Civilian/Payees. It'll be $10.00 US for non-backer types. Your friends will call 818/506-5436 to RSVP, but the line won't be set up to take reservations until Tuesday. They can pay at the door, and I'm sure a check is OK.

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