Firezine subscriber and Firesign Theatre dear friend / collector Glen Banks reported by phone from his cell home in Long Beach, CA, that he just spent the better part of any day but particularly this Friday (7/16) in the studio with the 4 0r 5.1 Krazy Guys during the boom.bust recording sessions.

Here's the scoop from our mole in the hole. The guys were just finishing up several bits including some fake commercials and talk show interviews.

The working method seems to have extended from the last album; round table discussion, reading lines, consensus, re-drafting and editing on computer, print out, reading lines, acting lines, choosing takes, moving on, discussion, etc.

More than one time when they were ready to roll, Bergman would stop and say, "That's not good enough." And then it would be improved. Lot's of good hilarious stuff got tossed for something better for the album.

The performances are at a peak, presumably as a result of just coming off tour. The magic is stronger than ever, especially when all 4 are standing at the microphones and directing each other. Having a small audience in the studio to play off of, also helps as the laughter is piped through the cans on the talk-back channel. At first the guys thought that this was ruining the takes.

The over all session was a good one as 5 min. were laid down for the day, a major accomplishment, soliciting high four or fives all around. 10 or 15 min. remain to be recorded. Progress is going according to schedule with the basics being finished by the end of next week. Then the foly items are to be inserted and the 2 mixes performed.

Here's some random memory clips from the day's session, some of which may or not end up on the album:

David Ossman hosts a talk show, "The Money Bubble", where he interviews Bob Sprawl (Proctor) from his virtual house who's furnishings upgrade or degrade as the stock market booms or busts, such as his "Nude Descending A Staircase" changes into an Elvis velvet.

An infomercial for "Devil Master", an exorcising machine. Send 3 easy payments of $222 to Wrestlemania, MN. Esther Wood Rosin demonstrates as her head stays still and her body rotates. "Roll up your pants boys." Proctor perfectly plays the enthusiastic pitchman, running around screaming, and Austin, the devil's own.

Various lines either spoken or repeatedly sung on and off mike:

"We're doomed!"
"Hail the size of marmosets."
"Gladly the cross eyed bear."
"Flown in on a broom and swept out with the dust."

And variations on Stephen Foster songs.

Banks returns to the studio Monday to be in a crowd scene. Just so happens that he is off this week and will be able to attend more sessions. We're encouraging him to report for Firezine and put together an article for issue #7.

Stay tuned...........